Mission Statement

Since 2009, Destructive Steps has always been an event unifying lovers of Hip Hop culture, across all ages’ races and religion.

As it grew, the event expanded internationally and has now become Australia’s largest street dance festival, spreading its influence across the Asia Pacific and bringing together dancers of all forms to Sydney.

As a result of its expanding reputation and influence, Destructive Steps in 2015 evolved from being just an event to an association, DSDA, to further help bolster the Sydney dance community and provide support to all its avenues.

DSDA aims to do so through connecting its resources and network to individuals and societies within the Sydney dance community and continue to foster a culture of support within the community, allowing it to further flourish and grow for the years to come.

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What We Do


Past Partners

Their events helps build networks and bridges between those of different nationalities, cultures and religions, it helps to spread knowledge and awareness of the positive aspects of Hip Hop culture whilst fostering in the new generation of dancer and Hip Hop enthusiasts. By not only putting on an event to display amazing skills, techniques and styles but also by helping give international exposure to local dancers and artistThere is no entity in Sydneythat we would trust more with bboy/breakdance related matters than the individuals of the Destructive Steps Dance Association.

Blake Evans – Red Bull Australia

We at Play Bar Sydney believe Destructive Steps is an integral part of our local scene here in Sydney and value the professionalism, the high level of organisation and integrity that the event is carried out with each year.

Past events have all been incredibly fun days, bringing all different kinds of people together; from infants to grandparents & all nationalities, whether they be spectators, artists, DJs, MCs, dancers & performers, inspiring many to get involved in the dance community.

Daniel Robertson – Play Bar Sydney

We chose to work with their organisation because of their great work ethic, knowledge and years of experience working with the local Sydney and Australian Hip Hop/ Street Dance community. They have more than proven that they know exactly how to host a really entertaining event that is run on time and fun for all ages. Their organisation is made up of key prominent figures in the street dance community and they are a cornerstone growth in the community in Sydney and Australia.

Their events highlights and showcases the amazing skill and artistry of dancing in the form of Breaking (Breakdance) and Popping as well as other styles, but much more than that, Destructive Steps brings together a community of local Sydney siders, interstate dancers and international dancers from numerous nationalities and cultures, ethnicities and religions.

Rhys Dal Cin – Reebok Pacific

Board Members

Jo H YoonPresident
Adam LeungDesign Lead
Michael IpLiaison Officer (Asia)
Alice TauvVice-President
Crystal ValdezLiasion Officer (Online)
Joanne PhamWHS Officer
Bonny LiuChief of Staff
William MakLiasion Officer (Uni. Soc.)
James PanGeneral Member
Jason LucasWeb Lead
Amelia DuongLiasion Officer (Uni. Soc.)
Jaye SutantoGeneral Member
General Enquiries

Destructive Steps Dance Association Incorporated can be contacted by email: destructivesteps[at]gmail.com or via the contact form.

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